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A great event at Chaparral Books PDX

By admin, 7 April, 2024
Author T.H. Lehnen tabling at Chaparral Books PDX on April 4, 20224, with posters, bookmarks, buttons, and t-shirts, and firefly lanterns lighting the table.

The Fog & Fireflies preview event was hosted by Chaparral Books in Portland, OR on April 4, 2024. It was a wonderful event in an excellent bookshop, and it was my great pleasure to chat with everyone who attended.

I'm so grateful to everyone who dropped by!

-T.H. Lehnen

Here are some pictures from the event: 


Author T.H. Lehnen reading from Fog & Firefles at a small lectern at Chaparral Books on April 4th, 2024.The audience listening to author T.H. Lehnen reading from Fog & Fireflies at Chaparral Books, April 4, 2024.



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