Photograph of a bog in Connemara, IrelandPortrait of Nod - A caravanner from Fog & Fireflies, with dark skin and the face, talons, and golden eyes of an owl.

About T. H. Lehnen

T.H. Lehnen is a much shorter name than 'Timothy MacKay Hestenes Lehnen' and fits better on a book jacket, but you can call me Tim. 

Portrait of T.H. Lehnen on a grassy lawn sitting in an Adirondack chair.

T.H. Lehnen is an author who believes that young adult and children’s literature is simply more honest about the magic in the world. Under Aspen & Thorn Press, he writes young adult fantasy for children who are old souls, and old souls who are children at heart.

He lives with his family in Portland, OR, and studied creative writing, philosophy, and English literature at Reed College. When he is not writing, he is tinkering with machines mechanical and digital (though he has yet to figure out how to fit a sports car through a wardrobe).


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